What’S The Cutoff Age For The Military

What’S The Cutoff Age For The Military

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The maximum age for military enlistment is 39 years old depending on branch. We examine pros and cons of the age limit in an era when people are living longer.

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What is the cutoff age for the army? | Indeed.com – What is the cutoff age for the army? Asked July 20, 2016.. The maximum age to join the military is 40 years old. answered march 14, The Army has the highest cutoff age for new recruits at 42, which was increased from 35 in 2006.

In The US, What Is The Cut Off Age For Joining The Military? – As of three years ago, the cut off age is 40 years old for the US Army. The other branches still have a cut off age of 32. And the physical requirements are the same as for an 18 year old with the usual clean police record and education requirements.

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What Is the Cutoff Age to Join the Military? | Reference.com – The cutoff age to join the military differs in each branch. As of January 2015, it is 34 for the Army and Navy. It is 29 for the Marines, 39 for the Coast Guard and 27 for the Air Force. The limits may change based on prior or reserve service. People must be at least 17 years old to join any branch of the military.

4 Ways to Join the Army – wikiHow – The maximum age is three to six years before the compulsory retiring age for the position you are aiming for. You must be a legal australian citizen. You might, however, be able to join on a temporary waiver if the position you are applying for cannot be filled by an actual citizen, but even then, you must be a permanent Australian resident.

What is the maximum age (waiverable) for officer programs. –  · What is the maximum age (waiverable) for officer programs in the various branches?: I have been seriously considering joining back up but I’d like to do so as an officer. I will be 38 in April and left the Navy in 2007 as an E-6 with just under 8 years active duty service. I have 118 university credits now and am almost done with my degree. If I did join back up it would be in a year or two so.

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